CEE Network for Gender Issues is “Ambassador” for the European Pillar of Social Rights

Following its proclamation on 17 November 2017, implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights is now a joint commitment of the Member States and the European institutions.

The rights and principles of the Pillar cover a wide range of issues, including the right to quality education, training and life-long learning, access to healthcare, gender equality,  childcare, fair wages, work-life balance, consultation with social partners, and  access to essential services. Consequently, communication about the Pillar remains a challenge and its implementation largely depends on Member States and social partners on the ground.


The European Pillar of Social Rights is based on 20 key principles that can be divided into 3 categories:

  • equal opportunities and access to the labour market
  • fair working conditions
  • social protection and inclusion


To further this goal the Communication Office of the Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL) in Brussels has chosen the CEE Network for Gender Equality to be one of the “Ambassadors” of the EU Pillar for Social Rights. The role of Pillar ambassador is to raise awareness about the European Pillar of Social Rights or one particular aspect of it among their contacts, networks, followers, etc. The cooperation between the European Commission and the Pillar ambassadors is informal in nature and is based on a mutual interest in enhancing a fairer and more social Europe.

CEE Gender Network welcomes all information on the implementation of the EU Pillar for Social Rights in your countries and any suggestions you may have as to its impact. ()