International Women’s Day 2023

We dedicate this International Women’s Day to all the courageous and committed women especially in our region - lawyers, attorneys, ombudswomen, journalists, nurses, doctors, care workers, politicians and activists and so many others - fighting tirelessly against discrimination, corruption, authoritarianism, ideology of regression, for women’s and all human rights, social justice and human dignity. We are with you, we stand by you, we support you. Keep up the good fight!

We especially show solidarity and support to the girls and women of ?? Ukraine and call on all progressive and social democratic women in Europe to raise their voices and take action against this senseless war and advocate for peace, as they did in recent history. No pasaran! 

In solidarity and support, CEE Network for Gender Issues

TeamWork2 – Combat sexual harassment in the workplace

Athens, Greece March 2023


CNI/CEE Network for Gender Issues, within a consortium of 13 European NGOs from Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Spain and Croatia, launched a joint project on sexual harassment supported by the European Union today in Athens.


Korcula School 2022 :: Think Tank Reportage

Korčula School 2022

Korčula School 2022

Final / Završno 

Korčula School 2022

Day 2 - Panel 5 - Case Study 

Korčula School 2022

Day 2 - Panel 4 - Socialdemocracy 

Korčula School 2022

Day 2 - Panel 3 

Korčula School 2022

Day 2 - Panel 2 

Korčula School 2022

Day 2 - Panel 1

Korčula School 2022

Day 1 - Round Table 4 - Social Justice 

Korčula School 2022

Day 1 - Round Table 3 - Gender Pay Gap 

Korčula School 2022

Day 1 - Round Table 2 - Sustainable Development 

Korčula School 2022

Day 1 - Round Table 1 - Participative Democracy 

Korčula School 2022

Day 1Opening 

Introductory remarks by the CEE Network for Gender Issues
Chair, Dasa Sasic Silovic at the ProgWeB III module in Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 17.-23.10.2022.

CEE Network for Gender Issues congratulates the PES Women

Korčulanska škola 2022 - HRT4 najava

Rethinking, retooling and re-energising gender equality post covid-19

“Rethinking, retooling and re-energising gender equality post covid-19” on the current situation of the implementation of gender mainstreaming in social democratic parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, North Macedonia and Serbia. Is gender mainstreaming a reality in this area? Based on the results obtained, the authors provide a set of policy recommendations for social democratic parties. Acknowledging that gender equality is an important challenge for the future, the objective is to raise awareness and, in turn, guarantee the implementation of gender mainstreaming through the work of women’s forums and social democratic parties themselves.

Promišljanje, preoblikovanje i ponovno jačanje rodne ravnopravnosti nakon covida-19

“Promišljanje, preoblikovanje i ponovno jačanje rodne ravnopravnosti nakon covida-19” o trenutnoj situaciji provedbe rodno osviještene politike u socijaldemokratskim strankama u Bosni i Hercegovini, Crnoj Gori, Hrvatskoj, Sjevernoj Makedoniji i Srbiji. Je li gender mainstreaming stvarnost u ovoj regiji? Na temelju dobivenih rezultata autori daju niz preporuka za politiku socijaldemokratskih stranaka. Priznajući da je ravnopravnost spolova važan izazov za budućnost, cilj je podići svijest i zauzvrat jamčiti provedbu rodno osviještene politike kroz rad ženskih foruma i samih socijaldemokratskih stranaka.

2022 Korčula School - PROGRAMME

2022 Korčulanska škola - PROGRAM


The Central and Eastern European Network for Gender Issues (CEE Gender Network)

was established in 1994 under the auspices of the  European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity ( In 2018 the Network and the European Forum will celebrate 25 years of political and civic engagement in democracy building in Central and Eastern European countries in transition.

The CEE Gender Network as a coalition has a strong base and support of progressive and leftist political parties and civil society, political leaders, and activists from the CEE Region and Europe.

"Korčula School" think tank

The "Korčula School" has become a recognized regional South Eastern European think tank that focuses on progressive and social democratic policies to promote gender equality.

Initiated in 2012 by the CEE Network for Gender Issues the "Korčula School" is designed to be a unique political, ideological, free thinking space for a substantive and forward-looking exchange of views on critical ideological and political issues on transforming politics to promote gender equality.  

The "Korčula School" brings together women and men political leaders from center left and social democratic parties, experts, political activists, and feminists, especially from South Eastern Europe to discuss gender equality issues.

(CEE Gender Network)

Board Members

Daša Šašić Šilović
Daša Šašić ŠilovićChair
Kalinka Gaber
Kalinka GaberBoard Member
Zita Gurmai
Zita GurmaiBoard Member
Pavle Bogoevski
Pavle BogoevskiBoard Member
Lovorka Marinović
Lovorka MarinovićRegional project Manager
Marta Szigeti Bonifert
Marta Szigeti BonifertBoard Member
Mojca Kleva Kekuš
Mojca Kleva KekušBoard Member
Radmila Šekerinska Jankovska
Radmila Šekerinska Jankovska Board Member
Tamara Tripić
Tamara TripićBoard Member
Emina Abrahamsdotter
Emina AbrahamsdotterBoard Member
Pia Locatelli
Pia LocatelliBoard Member
Lana Prlić
Lana PrlićBoard Member

Support team

Nebojša Martić
Nebojša MartićTeam Assistant
Jelena Pecotić
Jelena PecotićAssistant to the Chair