The CEE Gender Network cooperates with left-of-centre European foundations that make up the European Forum, especially in South Eastern Europe. It has also established cooperation with trade unions, gender equality experts and academia and is open to partnerships with civil society organisations in the region, Europe and the world.

  • The International Olof Palme Center is the Network’s main strategic partner and a number of projects are rolled out with the support of the LP Westminster Foundation.
  • The CEE Gender Network has over time established strong partnerships with feminist movements in the region, individual champions for women’s rights and a diverse group of international partners. It has worked with UNDP, UNIFEM, UN ECE, OSCE ODIHIR and other international institutions.
  • CEE Gender Network is part of a pan-European civil society initiative in “Rethinking Europe – Europe 2030” strategy formulation and the SDGs.
  • It is also member of the NATO Civil Society Advisory Panel on gender equality established in 2016.
  • The CEE Network has international recognition and cooperates with PES, PES Women, SIW, YES, FEPS, NDI   transferring experience, knowledge, analysis, approaches and methodologies especially in CEE, and through consulting services in countries like Turkey, the CIS  (Ukraine, Georgia) and North Africa.
  • CEE Network is member of the Board of the European Partners for the Environment (2018).
  • CEE Network has been member of the NATO CSAP Board and its Steering Committee (2016-2019).