CEE Network Chair Daša Šašić Šilović won the Silver Rose 2020 Award

CEE Network for Gender Isuess Chair Daša Šašiš Šilović won the Silver Rose 2020 Award by Solidar&Solidar Foundation in Brussels. She won the award in the category of Social Affairs for promoting social democracy & politics with a gender lens. 

Daša was nominated by our Board Member Lovorka Marinović and CEE Network for Gender Isuess. 

Daša Šilović is a unique person who, deeply convinced of the social democratic roots of social justice, is spreading ideas and practices of social democracy with outstanding capacities, innovative talent and untiring dedication. A convinced feminist, thanks to her wide academic and professional background at UN Agencies in New York, Daša Šilović has demonstrated resourcefulness and creativity in establishing in 1994 and leading for 25 years the CEE Gender Network. The goal of the CEE Gender Network is to promote the empowerment of women and put gender equality objectives into mainstream strategies, policies and programs in progressive and social democratic parties in the Region.

Her accurate fact-checking, sharp analytic skills and solution-oriented approach have given an invaluable contribution and important inputs in fostering substantive dialogue on how to transform and promote politics through a gender lens. In the last eight years she has moved CEE Gender Network activities into a think tank mode and established the annual Korčula School with that overarching goal. The sessions are attended by women and men political leaders from progressive, socialist, social democratic parties, experts, academics, civil society and trade union representatives”.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/SilverRoseAwards