Panel discussion 'Vračar conversation'

The CEE  Network Board member and former Vice President of the Democratic Party of Serbia, Tamara Tripić, has resumed the organization of Belgrade “Vračar conversations” (a municipal district in the centre of Belgrade). Her last session/panel discussion on 26th December 2018 was dedicated to a very “hot” topic in Serbia – weekly (Saturday) demonstrations in Belgrade of thousands of citizens from the city and other parts of Serbia. The title of the panel was “The heroes of the street”.

Panelists were well known journalists Srdjan Škoro, Tatjana Vojtehovski and Marko Vidojkovic a popular writer. All the three are engaged in the organization of the demonstrations. The conference hall was packed with activists and citizens from Belgrade and a number of other towns in Serbia.

Tamara starts 2019 with another “hot” topic in Serbia: “OLIVER – the unfinished story” (Tuesday 15 January 2019). The panel is to commemorate a year since the brutal, politically motivated murder of Oliver Ivanović, the President of the Civil Society Initiative “Serbia, democracy and justice” from Kosovo.  Panelists have been chosen to speak about Oliver, his political stance, challenges, misgivings and premonitions within the current political moment in Serbia. They are: Božo Prelević, lawyer, Rada Trajković, President of the European Movement (NGO) and former MP in the Kosovo Assembly, Aleksandar Ivanović, lawyer.